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6885 S Redwood Rd, West Jordan, UT, 84084
(801) 561-7474


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The apartments are amazing & the staff are respectfully & ( ciailla) is the heart of it all.

Verified Resident

Soy residente de Embarc at West Jordan desde julio de 2020. Desde el primer momento me sentí a gusto, la atención de Cecilia y las personas del leasing office fue excelente como la información y el proceso para mudarme. Siempre están atentos por si tengo alguna inquietud o alguna solicitud. A todos los que estén interesados en unirse a esta comunidad, pueden estar seguros de que se sentirán bien estando aquí.

(Translated by Google) I loved the centrality of the place and the friendliness of the office staff always up to date and attentive to details. I recommend it (Original) Me encanto lo céntrico del lugar y la amabilidad del personal de oficina siempre al día y atentos a los detalles. Lo recomiendo

I had a studio unit at Embarc and it was the perfect size for what I needed. I lived here for about 9 months and never encountered a problem with the staff or maintenance. Cecilia at the front office is honestly such a nice person. The apartments are older but the price was great. If you??re ok with an older complex, I??d check this place out.

I am shocked at the bad reviews on here. I have been living here for a year and love it. Any issue or concern I have had is quickly addressed. All staff is friendly and willing to assist with any questions I've had. I just renewed my contract because I have been so pleased. Rent is affordable and the complex is clean. The management left out doggie treats and a cute sign to write messages and draw pictures in chalk around the complex during quarantine. There is always fun stuff happening and email updates for anything to be aware of.

I living here almost 3 years. The people who manage Embarc are awesome even Maintenece guys help you with anything you need, nothing it's perfect in this life but community's areas are in good shape, it's located on a privileged corner on redwood road, you have everything you need close, stores, banks, supermarkets, mechanics shop, pets store, access to any freeway or highway etc. Every year I decided to stay here because it's hard to find another place like this. Great job guys keep doing what you do. Thanks.

I recently moved in and i cannot be more grateful to be here. For my very first studio, this is more than i could have asked for. i love all the upgrades they did to the facility and can not wait to experience more. so far it has been great and i cannot be more thankful. the staff made the process easy for me and i felt like i really didnt do anything. They are great to work with and they were very welcoming. i appreciate them being on top of things and making things alot easier for me. everytime i come in, they are very positive and treat me more than just a number. They have a new assistant manager and i can already tell shes going to be an asset to the amazing team they have already. big thanks:)

Great place to live! Lots of Clean, up-to-date amenities to use!! Great staff! It??s nice to know that you can walk into the office and be greeted by nice friendly people that are always willing to help!

My girlfriend and I have been living here for about a year now. It has been our very first apartment together and it has been a great experience. The maintenance crew is A1 and the office workers are very nice and easy to work with in my experience. I don??t have any issues or complaints for my time living here!

Great place to live with kids, I lived there for almost 3 years and i lived the experience, I only moved because i found a house, but if i hadnt found this house i would've stayed there for sure. I would actually say those could be Luxury apartments, has a pool a gym with televisions, and the workers are really nice. Would definetly reccomend living there.

Amazing place to race your children.!

Staff is excellent and friendly. Prompt at getting things fixed as well. Only problem is with pricing, bit expensive, especially for the size of the apartments. Other than that, my experience here has been very pleasant.

Absolutely amazing and friendly staff! I loved touring the place! It has so many amenities and for such a great price! Embark is definitely in my top places to move when my lease is up! If you haven't gone to tour, its definitely a must see! You'll LOVE it!!!!

Great location. Great amenities. Great office staff. Good landscape and maintenance. Affordable. I know this complex has a shady past of bad management and poor tenants but it has really improved over the last couple of years, and if things continue the way they have been, this apartment complex will continue to improve as it has. Many of the rough and tumbler tenants have been purged, the management is friendly, hospitable and professional, and the grounds have been flipped to feel warm and engaging with bbq??s, fire pits and flat screen TVs. My only complaint is the amount of dog sh*t you will find. Mind you this is not completely at fault of the complex or it??s staff but an unfortunate lack of integrity of certain tenants. Luckily, things will continue to improve here and those that have managed to skirt their doggy doodoo duties will have some interesting conversations to contend with in the coming months. Thank you SouthWillow Apartments (Embarc) for a awesome experience.

Ignore the reviews about the last management team. The new management is great! It seems the office is pretty busy every time I visit, but they do a good job getting through everybody while still being genuine and helpful. They are very responsive and keep the grounds safe and pretty. I've put in a few maintenance work orders (just normal wear and tear stuff), and they get around to it really quickly. Wayne is awesome--he came the day after I placed a work order with new parts and quickly fixed what needed to be done. After he left, I noticed he had fixed something else I forgot to request! Plenty of visitor parking and within a 10 minute drive of almost anywhere I'd need to go. They have awesome amenities and sometimes do free contests/giveaways. It's a pretty quiet community (I love not having obnoxious and loud neighbors), but it is also has social opportunities. They have on-site laundry rooms that use laundry cards you get from the office, so you don't have to worry about constantly having quarters lying around. Very pet-friendly and the apartments are really cute.

I have only lived here for about a month, so far everything has been smooth sailing. They recently were bought out by new management so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that means good improvements. My neighbors are really quiet, hardly any noise which is great. I honestly don't really run into anyone. They have plenty of parking which is also really great for when you have guests over. Seems like they are making an effort to turn the place around. Update: I just moved out last month after ending my 10 month lease. I would have loved to stay another year but I just couldn't afford to live on my own anymore. I was very happy to receive part of my deposit back since I was worried after reading previous reviews. Overall I enjoyed my time living here and enjoy all the updates they made during my stay. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Awesome amenities, restrooms are a bit small.

The process of applying and getting set up to move in was incredible. Sabrina, the assistant manager, walked me through the entire process and was so patient when answering my many questions. The leasing staff in the main lobby were also very helpful, friendly, and quick to reply to all of my emails. I'm very grateful to Sabrina and the staff at Embarc for making this a seamless process for me.

The process of applying and getting set up to move in was incredible. Sabrina, the assistant manager, walked me through the entire process and was so patient when answering my many questions. The leasing staff in the main lobby were also very helpful, friendly, and quick to reply to all of my emails. I'm very grateful to Sabrina and the staff at Embarc for making this a seamless process for me.